About San Mateo, California

There are many things to brag about San Mateo City. Tourists and local residents boast of its great schools, neighborhoods, outstanding libraries, attractive parks, luxurious shopping malls, and the best restaurants. There are more than 90,000 residents in the city and indeed, this small place in California is for everyone. If you love shopping, you should visit the stores in Hillsdale and Bridgepointe. The shopping centers are remodeled and you can stroll around with ease. When it comes to shopping convenience, you will love the commercial centers. In fact, the malls serve as a significant employment center in the peninsula. Lots of businesses can be found in San Mateo because of its great location. There are major freeways that you can find in the city – east Bay, San Jose, and San Francisco. You can reach the city by air conveniently because the city is near the airport of San Francisco. The local residents are able to live a decent life because the local government is working hard to attain economic development. The business and residential communities are strongly connected. The mutual partnership has made it possible to enjoy quality life in the city. You can find public facilities in San Mateo city such as parks, College of San Mateo, San Mateo County Expo Center, library system, and recreation programs. The local residents can access these resources and enjoy the benefits. If you’re a tourist, don’t forget to joint the city tours so that you can see the best of San Mateo city at a limited period of time.

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