About Santa Cruz, California

Located in the County of Santa Cruz, the city of Santa Cruz is also the largest in the county and it is known as the surf city because of its pristine and idyllic beaches. Before the city was known for its many attractive beaches that are perfect for surfing though, it was home to American-Indian settlers in the past. During the late eighteenth century, Santa Cruz became home to Spanish settlers who explored the California area. It wasn’t until the latter part of the 19th century that the city got its current nickname. Currently, the city has a population of barely 60,000. The city’s nearness to Monterey Bay allows experiencing a very mild weather all year round. When getting to Santa Cruz, you can either go through State Route 1 or 17. Aside from the city’s income through the tourism sector, industries in the field of agriculture and technology comprise its income. With the presence of the University of California, Santa Cruz, the residents have also greatly benefited from it. Aside from the usual national parks that one can visit in Santa Cruz, beaches are in abundance where you can try different water sports for rest and relaxation. While in the city, don’t miss out on visiting Seabright Beach or Laguna Creek Beach. If you want to brush up on your knowledge about surfing, Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is the perfect place to visit and there’s no entrance fee too. The city of Santa Cruz also features a series of activities all throughout the year. The downtown area has all the things you will need. There’s nothing like a more laid-back and peaceful city than Santa Cruz.

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