About Santa Maria, California

The city of Santa Barbara is located on the central coast of the state of California. As of November 2008, the city is composed of 91, 972 residents. It has exceeded that of Santa Barbara, making it as the country’s biggest city. Their populations also comprise the city of Guadalupe, Santa Maria Valley and the disintegrated community of Orcutt. The city is also very much remarkable for its Santa Maria Style Barbecue and the wine industry that is popular in the entire city. The City of Santa Maria became the homeland of the Native Americans for thousands of years who were called as the Chumash people. The slopes of the surrounding hills among the oaks and the banks of the river of Santa Maria among sycamores are the locations wherein the Native Americans built their homes. They had Tomols (name for boats) for their fishing in the ocean. The residents in Santa Maria experience a cool Mediterranean climate. Fog is common in this place. The type of weather is mostly sunny revitalized by the breeze of the ocean. Fog is common. That’s why if you want to feel and experience the real nature you can reside in this city. The agriculture industry in this place is also very much active. It brings an important role in upgrading the economic stability of the city. Santa Maria City is being surrounded by vineyards, wineries and winemakers. And the agricultural areas around the city have primary crops including wine grapes, beans, cauliflower, peas and strawberries.

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