About Santa Monica, California

In the Western part of Los Angeles County, you can find Santa Monica City. Positioned on Santa Monica Bay, the three sides of it is being bounded by the cities of Los Angeles namely Brentwood on the north, Pacific Palisades on the northwest, Mar Vista on the east, West Los Angeles on the northeast, and Venice on the southeast. According to Bureau of Census in 2008, the city is composed of 87, 664 people. It is named after Santa Monica, a Patron Saint and the mother of Augustine of Hippo. She was considered as the Christian Saint of the place because the first group of Spaniards who visited Santa Monica happened on the day of her feast. She is the also the Saint for those who have difficulties on their marriages, sufferers of unfaithfulness, and the victims of verbal mistreatment. Santa Monica is notable for its numerous forms of businesses because a lot of investors are attracted with this place. Some of the business establishments that are located in Santa Monica are the RAND Corporation, The Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation, Lion Gates Film and the Playtone Company which is headed by an Actor Tom Hanks. The branches of some of the famous businesses can also be found here in Santa Monica like the Universal, Microsoft, Google and In addition, because of its location and pleasurable climate, Santa Monica has become famous for being a resort town. Also, since 1980’s, it has experienced the increase on its tourism and the growth of the entire place.

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