About South San Francisco, California

South San Francisco is a specific city found in the state of California, USA. It is part of the San Mateo County and it is located on the San Francisco Bay Area. There are about 60,552 residents in the area. The climate of the city is dry cool summers which benefits the summer-seekers of fun and mild winters for those who dislike really cold weather. Fogging is not an issue here as the city is protected by the hills from the excessive fogs. The city offers even the strangest of things, if you have fetish for the scary and the bizarre then Sarah Winchester’s Mystery House is the place for you. The place will wow you with its oddities and the hair-raising story of the place. San Francisco’s Wax Museum is also found here and oddity won’t do as a description. The place is packed with famous stars and famous people in history turned to virtual wax that makes it look like it will come to life any second. Fisherman’s Wharf should be part of your tourist spots because without it, you haven’t really grasp the rich historical culture of the city. Even though the past will stay as a piece of the city’s history, it is never truly gone. This is because the residents still savor their history as if it was just yesterday. Whether South San Francisco is from the past or here in the present times, one thing is for sure, the city is here to stay for people’s entertainment and gustatory satisfaction.

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South San Francisco Facts

  • Population Total: 63632
  • Square Miles: 9.141
  • Area Code: 650
  • Elevation: 13
  • Postal Codes: 94080, 94083, 94099
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: