About Stanton, California

In the western part of Orange County, in the state of California is where the city of Stanton sits. With a population ranging to 40,000, this area is known for being inhabited by conservative people when it comes to politics, which by the way is typical in the Orange County site. The area is not that highly industrialized but it houses modernized commercial structures and residential streets. The city’s population inflated when a railway which was connected to Los Angeles reached the area. Through this, possible residents came into the place to look for lands that would be good for building houses. Also, those who were already living in Stanton could go out to L.A. for business purposes. Due to issues with taxes for building roads, the place gave up its ‘city’ status. After the war though, its population started to increase again and the citizens opted to reincorporate it on May 1956. Many people would crowd into the city during its major festivals, which are the Summerfest, Halloween Fair, and Christmas in the City. Carnivals, plenty of foods and music performances abound if it is the day of Summerfest. During the Halloween Fair, kids can play and get candies as prizes, and other events are hosted, too. Finally, a Santa would be coming to town to visit the place during Stanton’s Snow Day or Christmas in the City. Wide array of parks are scattered in the area as well. Some of the popular ones are the Harry M. Dotson Park, Community Services Center Park, and Veterans Memorial and Zuniga Parks.

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