About Sunnyvale, California

Sunnyvale, located in sunny California, is home to one of the best known cities of Information Technology. It has the well known Silicon Valley, and is one of the largest in California. Since Silicon Valley is present in this city, there are so many companies one can see while they visit the Valley. We have all heard of great companies such as Yahoo, Network Appliance and many more which one can visit. There are also great parks where one can go take a walk or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings around them. The city has also some places which have some historical relevance attached to them. Such places well known for these are the Ortega Park and Sunnyvale historical museum. Whether you want to enjoy good old music from the 40s or 50s, or you just want to see some history through some great tours, this is one of the cities to visit. There is also a local library that gives a lot of books full of historical information. There are also many great food spots to go grab a bite from. Even after you have done your shopping, always go try out the local cuisine; it’s really worth trying these. There are many bars, restaurants and eating joints one can choose from. The greatest thing about this city is the safety record. The police are really great; they ensure that everyone’s safety is taken care of. In fact, the city was rated highly in terms of safety records. Families that wish to take a holiday here will feel really safe since their kids can have fun without worrying too much about anyone getting hurt. Having a really safe environment in the city also ensures that tourists can go visit all the great night spots available in the city. There is no hassle in getting adequate transport to move around the city to visit thes

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