About Tracy, California

Incorporated in the year 1910 and named after a railroad administrator by the name of Lathrop J. Tracy, this city is located in the county of San Joaquin and is the second biggest city in the area. This city in the state of California initially gained popularity as an agricultural city during the early 1900s until it became a welcome respite for individuals from the busy San Francisco Bay area. Plus, the fairly lower price of homes in the city has also convinced visitors to take up residence in the area. As of the latest population count in 2010, the residents of this city have grown to more than 82,000 residents and still continue to grow because of the business and job opportunities afforded by the city to their citizens. An interstate highway and an airport serve as the main transportation to reach the city. Tracy is served by two school districts: Tracy Unified School District and Jefferson School District. The city’s economy is supported by the various companies that have set up distribution facilities within the area. If you’re a visiting tourist wanting to see some attractions within the city, you’ll be surprised to know that Tracy offers different sorts of entertainment for its visitors and guests. Aside from the usual parks you can visit, Tracy City also features significant landmarks like Corral Hollow and the First Landing Place of Sailing Launch Comet. If you want an educational experience while in the city, you can visit the Tracy Historical Museum. Plus, if you’re up for some adventures in the air, you can try Professor Muldoon’s Hot Air Balloon Rides. There are endless activities you can do while in Tracy city, don’t miss out on this chance.

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