About Tustin, California

According to Forbes Magazine, the city of Tustin in California was among the top 25 towns to live well in the US in 2009. Founded in the 1870’s by Columbus Tustin after the Mexican-American War, Tustin was formerly a part of Rancho San Antonio which was established by Jose Antonio Yorba. Rancho San Antonio includes other cities like Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Olive, Santa Ana, Orange, and Villa Park. In the course of World War 2, Tustin City was the home of an anti-submarine aircraft base of the Navy which later became the helicopter station for Marine Corps. The said base was strategically located in the southern part of the city where 2 blimp hangars were built and now considered as the biggest wooden formations ever made in history. In addition, it is now included in the in the Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks list of ASCE. The rapid growth of population in the city following the war opened greater opportunities for new beginnings. The settlers of the city started to build housing zones from the large farmlands and orchards. Shopping malls were also established to support the growing economy of the Tustin city. Big companies and businesses were attracted to these developments that resulted to new job openings for the residents. In 2009, the noted top employers of the city are AT&T, Toshiba, Ricoh, Tustin Hospital, Tustin Ranch Golf Club, Rockwell Collins, MicroVention, Lineage Power, Woodbridge Glass, Young’s Market, Mac Pherson Enterprises, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, and Balboa Water Group.

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