About Walnut Creek, California

Walnut Creek city in California is a suburban area about 17 miles from Oakland. It is also considered as the business center of the Contra Costa County right at the edge of Mount Diablo. It offers a lot of interesting things to do and see within the city with several arts centers, museums, shopping sites and parks. You can visit the Shadelands Ranch Historical Museum that is home to a multitude of historical artifacts which majority of it belonged to Hiram Penniman. It is even registered in the list of the National Register of Historic Places. There is also the Mount Diablo State Park which is extremely huge and dominates majority of the center and eastern county of Contra Costa. It gives every visitor a stunning background of the summit with all the rocks and the natural backdrop of the earth. The Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area is yet another idyllic park that is adjacent to the foothills of Diablo. It is filled with all the woodlands and famous sandstone formations. The Broadway Plaza was made to be an open air mall which is fairly related to the present downtown setting. It has three giant parking structures and its major tenants include some of the biggest brands in the market like Nordstrom, CPK, J. Crew, Banana Republic and many more. One of their most popular dining spots is the Bing Crosby’s Restaurant and Piano Lounge. It has a reasonably priced menu that serves Californian cuisine that is also filled with a dining area filled with Bing Crosby memorabilia.

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