About Watsonville, California

The city of Watsonville is considered a small farming community in the Santa Cruz County, on the central coast of the state of California. The city has a large population of Hispanic groups, along with other ethnic backgrounds such as Caucasian, Japanese, and Filipino. The good climate in the Pajaro Valley made the place a suitable ground for farming such as growing apples, strawberries, blackberries, table mushrooms, raspberries, and many types of vegetables. In 1837, Watsonville was part of the Rancho Bolsa del Pajaro, a land grant of Mexico that was given to Sebastian Rodriguez by Governor Juan B. Alvarado. It was in 1852 when the town was laid out by D. S. Gregory and Judge John H. Watson. It was integrated in the year, 1868. Today, the city’s main industries aside from agriculture are construction as well as manufacturing. In fact, there are several companies that have their main headquarters in the city such as Fox Racing Shox, California Giant, Driscoll’s Strawberries, Vendwize, Martinellis, Monterey Mushrooms, West Marine, Granite Construction, and Graniterock. Moreover, the city’s top five employers are Pajaro Valley Unified School District with 2,057 employees, Watsonville Community Hospital with 714 employees, Fox Factory with 400 employees, City of Watsonville with 392 employees, and West Marine with 357 employees, and Martinelli’s with 240 employees. The Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds is the main recreation center of the city that features many attractions like flower exhibits, art exhibits, dog shows, live music performances, and amazing rides; it is also the home of the Scottish Renaissance Festival and the annual Santa Cruz County Science Fair.

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Watsonville Facts

  • Population Total: 51199
  • Square Miles: 6.687
  • Area Code: 831
  • Elevation: 29
  • Postal Codes: 95076-95077
  • Timezone: Pacific