About Yountville, California

Yountville ( /?j??ntv?l/ or /?ja?ntv?l/) is an incorporated town in Napa County, California, United States. It is in the North Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. The population was 2,933 at the 2010 census. Almost one third of the town's population lives on the grounds of the Veterans Home of California.The town's name is derived from the name of early pioneer George Calvert Yount. Yount was considered responsible for establishing the first vineyard in the Napa Valley.A noted destination for gourmet diners, Yountville "boasts more Michelin stars per capita than any place on Earth."

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Yountville Facts

  • Population Total: 2933
  • Square Miles: 1.531
  • Area Code: 707
  • Elevation: 98
  • Postal Codes: 94599
  • Timezone: Pacific