About Yuba City, California

Yuba City is just several minutes away from the California State Capitol and due to its unique location, it has benefited both the residential and commercial side of things. It also complements well the lifestyle that is family oriented. The western part of the city is dominated by the smallest mountain range recognized worldwide and that is the Sutter Buttes. The city is composed of a diverse set of commercial services which include the Sunsweet Growers Incorporated. When it comes to the educational aspect, the Yuba Community College is what they are most proud of. For just a few hours’ drive, you can already reach three major universities namely Cal State Sacramento, Cal State Chico and UC Davis. Its diverse culture is also one good source of a high sense of pride for its residents. It is host to the yearly cultural celebration to their diverse ethnic traditions through music, arts and cuisine all around the world. The Punjabi community in the city is known to be one of the biggest in the country. Another cultural attraction that is worth seeing in the city is the Bok Kai Temple right across the Feather River. It also serves as host for the oldest parades celebrated in the US. A lot is still to come for Yuba City that every individual in the population is working hard for. The people of Yuba City are looking forward to better days ahead and they know that making their city more progressive requires a lot of great planning and development

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Yuba City Facts

  • Population Total: 64925
  • Square Miles: 14.578
  • Area Code: 530
  • Elevation: 59
  • Postal Codes: 95991-95993 (P.O.Box 95992)
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: