About Yucaipa, California

Located in the east of San Bernardino, Yucaipa City is known for being the previous, long-term home of the huge inhabitants of Serrano Indians. Also, the city was famous for housing the Stater Bros. Markets. The most popular destination in the city is San Bernardino County Museum. The whole family can have fun while checking out the collections and exhibits in the museum. The city is rich in natural and cultural history. Aside from the museum, there are still other places that you can visit like Malki Museum, Broadway, and Riverside Art Museum. You can see art work collections at the Malki Museum like tapestries, baskets, and pottery. Annual Broadway productions can be witnessed at the Riverside. On the other hand, the Riverside Art Museum is actually housed inside a building that is rich in history. For people who love Spanish food, Sevilla is a must to visit. This place is where anyone can enjoy dancing and different flavors. The restaurant was first opened in the year 1987 and it features a small tapas bar. In addition, the city is well known for its rich and interesting history. The city can be explored by way of public transportation and by air. Yucaipa City is also known for different parks and recreational areas. Among these are the Seventh Street Park, Yucaipa Regional Park, Wildowood Park, Yucaipa Community Park and many others. Moreover, the city is also the residence of many famous personalities like David Matuszak, an author, Susan Anton, a Baywatch actress, Matt Carson, Mark Teahen and Corky Miller, all professional baseball players.

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Yucaipa Facts

  • Population Total: 51367
  • Square Miles: 27.888
  • Area Code: 909
  • Elevation: 2618
  • Postal Codes: 92399
  • Timezone: Pacific