The Top Ten Colorado Tourist Attractions

Colorado is full of tourist attractions that happen to be unusual and exciting. Colorado has some beautiful scenery throughout the state. Here are the top ten Colorado tourist attractions that you should look into if you plan on visiting this beautiful state.

10. Colorado Gators Reptile Park

Colorado Gators Reptile Park is located in Mosca, Colorado. This is one of those parks to where you see mountains and cars that have ski racks on them and you know that you are in Colorado. The temperature at Colorado Gators drops 30 degrees below zero and gators can be found on the Colorado frozen ice and alligators seem to just flourish at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park.

9. Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita is located in Lakewood, Colorado. You will just fall in love with the restaurant Casa Bonita. It's known as one of the "World's most exciting restaurants" and Casa Bonita feeds over a million people every year. Check out this video below to see why people love this place. It's like a restaurant and a park with many things to do.

8. The UFO Watchtower

The UFO Watchtower is located in Hooper, Colorado. Ever wanted to see a UFO? This could be your lucky day.

7. Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave is located in Golden, Denver. The museum has a lot of educational and entertaining exhibits. The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave also has plenty of hands on opportunities so you can learn a lot when you visit this museum. Be sure to taste some of their yummy fudge that's homemade and their cool souvenirs.

6. Fire Museum

The Fire Museum is located in Pueblo, Colorado. The first settler in Pueblo arrived in 1842. There is a lot of history behind this museum. Some of the exhibits include fire alarm systems, photographs, leather buckets, antique hose carts and fire engines. The Fire Museum was completed in the year 1881 and it served all the way until the year 1979. Many people that visit this museum claim that it's haunted.

5. Tabor Opera House

The Tabor Opera House is located in Leadville, Colorado. It has many awesome shows throughout the year. One performance that was done at the Tabor Opera House was the Modern Art Illusion in August, 2010. Call the Tabor Opera House to see what shows will be going on when you are there.

4. Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is just incredible and one of the most amazing gardens you will ever see. Best of all, the entrance to the park is free.

3. Breckenridge Ski Resort

The Breckenridge Ski Resort is located in Summit County, Colorado and is one of the best Ski Resorts in Colorado. The SKI Magazine has ranked the Breckenridge Ski Resort as one of the top ten best ski resorts in the USA.

2. The Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo has over 4,000 animals and it represents over 600 species. It is one of the most famous zoos within the USA.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the north central region of Colorado. The views of the mountain from the Rocky Mountain National Park are just amazing. You'll find everything from the mountain tundra to the wooded forest. The park has many tours throughout the year and it has five visitor centers. In the winter the park is closed because of snow. If you are not in the mood for doing a lot of hiking you can always drive over the popular Trail Ridge Road or either the Bear Lake Road or the Fall River Road and see some of the mountain. The park has dozens of camp sites and on most of the trails horseback riding is allowed. There are some trails closed off to horses because of animals such as llamas. Go fishing, camping, rock climbing and snowshoeing at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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