About Arvada, Colorado

The city of Arvada, found in the state of Colorado, is best known for the many cultural and art events it hosts throughout the years. This has become one of the best tourist destinations for the past years. The current population of the city is approximately 102,153. The Historical Museum of Arvada provides an explanation of the history of the city in an artistic manner that every tourist and local will definitely love. This contains artifacts, documents and photographs that all depict the rich culture of the Arvada. The transportation is very accessible to public as well as to its visitors. This is because of the presence of the Regional Transportation District which serves several local bus routes. Aside from that, there is also the Colorado Central Railroad that provides its exquisite railroad services. Moreover, tourists can enjoy the comfort of a plane ride through the comfortable service provided by the Denver International Airport. In terms of the city’s natural features, the city has a total area of 32.8 square miles. The United States Census Bureau stated that Arvada is composed of 32.7 square miles land mass and 0.2 square miles water. On the other hand, there are lots of parks available where visitors can spend their free time. Tourists can perform park activities such as biking, strolling or watch the sunrise and sunset. This place is truly a gift from God. As such, many sources say that there are lots of people who choose to go to Arvada as their vacation destination.

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Arvada Facts

  • Population Total: 106433
  • Square Miles: 35.142
  • Area Code: Both ; 303 ; and ; 720
  • Elevation: 5344
  • Postal Codes: 80001-80007 and 80403
  • Timezone: Mountain Standard Time
  • Website: