About Aurora, Colorado

The city is well known to be the second biggest city in Illinois and the first ever city in the entire US to instill an all electric lighting scheme back in 1881. Hence, they were called as ‘The City of Lights’ and still lives up to the title especially due to the presence of the modern establishments in their downtown area like the Hollywood Casino and the Paramount Theater. The majority of the individuals living here are composed of diverse races like Native Americans, Hispanics, Mexicans and Europeans. The city is considered to be one of the most ideal places to live in the US due to its comprehensive health plan that can be offered to almost 80% of its residents. Its cost of living strikes at an average rate with the percentage of job employment getting higher as the years go by. Its crime rate is set on an average, with the city government doing their best all the time to still keep it to a minimum. Aside from the first two mentioned establishments which can be found in the city, you must also not miss visiting the highly famous Walter Payton’s Roadhouse Restaurant along with the Aurora Public Library, Aurora Historical Society Museum and many more. You can also be sure to bump into some known celebrities, especially when you stroll around the Northgate Shopping Center of the city. They hold a yearly food festival every summer season right at the heart of Downtown Aurora which also holds other memorable events of the city.

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