About Castle Rock, Colorado

Situated about 30 miles south of Denver is the Town of Castle Rock in the state of Colorado. This area is an urban zone on the eastern side of the Southern Rocky Mountains, thus it is included in the Front Range Urban Corridor. When the county of Douglas was altered, Castle Rock was positioned right at the center of it and that’s the sole reason why it is the seat of the county now. In the hope to find gold, European settlers visited the area but their hopes let them down unfortunately. Rhyolite, and not gold, gave the city the basic ground for its thriving economy. The city’s land area is rough for it is covered mainly with cliffs, plateaus, mesas, hills, canyons, and rocks. In the heart of the city is an isolated hill which is shaped like a castle, formed after the processes of volcanic eruptions, flooding, and erosions. The locals based the city’s name on this castle-formed butte. The Devil’s Head, Mount Evans, and the Pikes Peak are other rising land forms which are visible from the corners of Castle Rock. Many places in town are destinations for hiking, sightseeing, walking, biking, and touring. Major parks in Castle Rock are the Festival Park, Butterfield Park, Baldwin Park, and Glovers Tot Lot. Their vast areas of trails can be found in The Bowl, Native Legend Space, Rock Park, and Hidden Mesa Open Space. The city’s fruits of improvement in all fields have earned its titles as the best town for families and one of the top places to move in nationwide.

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