About Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs sits on the south-central part of Colorado and is the state’s major tourist attraction. It is best known for its Pike’s Peak, US military bases and the Air Force Academy. Its most notable access is through south of the state capitol, Denver, which is only an hour drive. Visitors can easily gain from the city’s numerous accommodation services, which come in the form of exclusive hotel and exquisite cabin lodgings. Past visitors in the city can attest to Colorado Spring’s array of activities that are attached to the city’s distinct geological make-up. Such activities include hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding. For those searching for a unique dose of extreme adventure, the chest-thumping rafting is something good to try. Another idea to enjoy the city is to enjoy the natural beauty of the city. The serenity that the many scenic tours offer should come in handy. Proving as Colorado Springs’ most popular destination is Pike’s Peak. This was once the site of gold mining activities. Centuries later, it now stands an activity center in which it hosts numerous stage plays and concerts. The Pike’s Peak Center amply complements the city’s cultural offerings such as the ones found in the Pioneers Museum and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. For those who want to enjoy the gift of nature, the breathtaking Garden of the Gods should be experienced. This destination will truly leave visitors in awe for its astounding natural marvel. When the tummy starts rumbling, Colorado Springs has a mix of different choices for those looking for luxurious dining experiences and fast food offerings.

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