About Greeley, Colorado

In Weld County, the most populous place is Greeley City. It is located at Northern Colorado and is north-northeast of Denver. The land area is only 29.9 sq miles and the city experiences a BSk or semi-arid climate. High temperatures are notable during the summer and it gets lower during winter. The hottest month is around July and the coldest is in January. Nighttime temperature is also lower than the day. The weather is usually disrupted by extra-tropical cyclones. There is also fewer tornadoes and thunderstorms because of its low elevation. You can find primary, secondary, colleges, and universities. Among the popular schools are Greeley Central High School, Northridge High School, St. Mary Catholic School, Aims Community College, and the University of Northern Colorado. Local residents and tourists can seek medical attention at North Colorado Medical Center. It first opened in 1904 and until now, it is still operating. In fact, the facility has already expanded to cater to the needs of patients. There are many popular people in Greeley City. This lovely is home to Jason Smith, Shane Carwin, Aurora Snow, Amanda Peterson, Tom Johnson, Anthony Dexter, and many others. These people were able to find home in this amazing and beautiful city. Why don’t you visit the city’s official page? This is a great way to gather relevant information. Whether you’re planning to spend a vacation or you want to buy a real estate property, you can find the one that you’re looking for in Greeley City. You should plan ahead of time.

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