About Longmont, Colorado

The first in the list of attractions in Colorado is the Callahan House. Are you familiar with this name? Well, probably if you watched the movie “While You Were Sleeping”, then you can answer the question previously given. The main character then that was played by Bill Pullman was surnamed Callaghan. Basically, the meaning of this name is something that is hopeless or desperate. But here in Longmont City, Callahan House has been considered to be one of the pre-historic buildings or houses which are very conducive for visit purposes. This has been designed for parties like weddings, etc. The gardens are actually very exquisite when it comes to location. You can see how the bride walks towards the altar as she pronounces her vow to her partner. It is really great because there are fountains as well and a lot of different kinds of flowers. They have been treated as large flower lawn and such a great escapade for weddings and other parties like birthday parties. It is very much great to run your hearts away and enjoy the recreation as well as culture that are being offered by the City of Longmont. Also, there is one thing that you have to understand – that is the presence of McIntosh Lake. There are certain things that you can do while you are there in Colorado, particularly regarding the said lake. You can do the gazing with the geese, have some strolls and jogging from across the mountains and consider the parks as great for these people.

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Longmont Facts

  • Population Total: 86270
  • Square Miles: 21.8
  • Area Code: Both ; 303 ; and ; 720
  • Elevation: 4984
  • Postal Codes: 80501-80504
  • Timezone: Mountain
  • Website: