About Loveland, Colorado

Loveland City is in the state of Colorado, USA and part of the Larimer County. The city is near Denver City which is only about 45 miles away. There are about 50, 600 residents in the city perimeter. Loveland was named after their beloved president of the Colorado Central Railroad, William A.H. Loveland in the 19th century. Agriculture was their proudest glory as they raised sour cherries and sugar beets in the 20th century but went downslide when droughts hit the city. Fort Vasquez should be on your checklist when visiting Loveland which was in history a trading place for Native Americans. If you’re into art then The Loveland Museum & Gallery showcases should be a show-stopper for your eyes. To get in the zone of their culture the Timberlane Farm Museum should keep your inquisitive mind fed. For parents, if you need a child-friendly place for your kids to enjoy then the Swetsville Zoo and the Crystal Rapids Waterpark is your place of safety and security, at the same time fun for the little tykes. Let’s not forget their festival in August which is the Old-Fashioned Corn Roast Festival. The Chapunga Sculpture Park in Centerra will be the first ever 80-pieces collection in the United States and it is in Loveland City for everyone’s eyes to see. The drive through Highway 34 in the magnificent Big Thompson Canyon which is majestically a gateway to the high mountain parks named Rock Mountain National Park and Estes Park. Loveland City, true to its name is a nature loving land which tourist will come back for more.

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