About Parker, Colorado

The Town of Parker, or simply known as Parker, is a municipality and self-declared town in the state of Colorado. Its home county is Douglas County, which is ranked as the eight most densely crowded out of sixty-four counties in the entire state. Despite the fact that it was only incorporated in the year 1981, Parker has grown significantly in the recent years, making it to be tagged as the 18th most crowded municipality in Colorado. Parker is just one of the few areas in the United States which blossomed effortlessly. A very small shack to serve as a stop for travellers was transferred from the village of Cherry Creek to the Pine Grove area which would now become as the town of Parker. Nobody ever thought that the humble shack would turn out to be a major stopping area, and eventually became a foundation for the town. The postmaster then was James Sample Parker, whom the town got its name from. Starting from a simple shack, the city continued to grow, not missing to adorn its area with beautiful parks to attract more passersby and residents. The attractions within the place and the accessible spots in its neighboring areas are the Colorado Governor’s Mansion, Parker Cyber Station, Challenger Regional Park, and Castlewood Canyon Park. Arts involving wildlife organisms are exhibited in the Wildlife Experience Museum. Other major destinations surrounding the Town of Parker are The Four Mile Historic Park, the Littleton Historical Museum, the Denver Mint, and the el Museo de las Americas.

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