About Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo is a city rich in cultural values and it is also the home of several friendly people. The city is located in the Pueblo County in the state of Colorado, alongside the Arkansas River and the Fountain Creek. Pueblo is also known as the “Steel City” because its main industry is the production of steel. They have been considered as one of the largest steel-producing cities in the whole country. In the past years, Colorado Fuel and Iron steel mill was one of its first steel mill operators in the city. But due to the downfall of economy in 1982, the company declined and was later obtained by another steel mills company, which later on altered its name. Sadly, a big strike happened in 1997 due to complaints of labor practices that are unlawful. The company replaced majority of the employees but the affected workers appealed in the labor department and gradually won their fight in 2004. This was a significant day for the steel workers who have regained their lost job and were remunerated by the company with the lost years of their job which is almost 7 years. Despite this, Pueblo has several historical landmarks for you to visit and one of them is the El Pueblo History Museum. This museum showcases the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. You will find in the city a plaza or a town square and the original archeological quarry of the trading post of El Pueblo in 1842. Moreover, the site includes other architectural structures like the Historic Byways Information Center.

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