About Louisville, Georgia

mandatory for the {{cleanup}} template is being discussed. See the request for comment to help reach a consensus.?Louisville is a city in Jefferson County, Georgia, United States. It is the former capital of Georgia and is the county seat of Jefferson County . It is located southwest of Augusta on the Ogeechee River, and its population was 2,712 at the 2000 census. Though the name is of French origin, it is pronounced "Lewis-ville."Louisville was laid out in 1786 as a prospective state capital. It was named for Louis XVI, who was still the king of France and had aided the Continentals during the successful American Revolution. Development of the city began later, and its state buildings were completed in 1795. The city of Louisville served as the state capital of Georgia from 1796 to 1806.Louisville's historic market house still stands in the center of downtown. The original market had sections for everything from produce and household goods to slaves. The market square became the hub of the transportation routes that centered on Louisville when the state capital was located there.As a small city and county seat, the city now has few major businesses and industries. Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company, was founded in 1902 and is currently headquartered in Louisville on U.S. Highway 1.

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Louisville Facts

  • Population Total: 2712
  • Square Miles: 3.6
  • Area Code: 478
  • Elevation: 322
  • Postal Codes: 30434
  • Timezone: North American Eastern