About Macon, Georgia

Central of the state of Georgia, you can find Macon City. It is Bibb County’s seat and a portion expands to Jones County. Since it is very near Atlanta, it is also referred to as Heart of Georgia. The city ranks sixth next to Athens in terms of population. The city is also included in the Fall Line Cities. This is composed of Macon, Columbus, and Augusta. You will love the city because it is composed of flat plains and rolling hills. The land area of Macon City is 55.8 sq miles and is 901 ft above the sea level. The subtropical humid climate is well loved by the locals and tourists. Many musicians come from this beautiful city. You can visit the Georgia Music Hall of Fame to get to know the musicians of Macon. While you’re there, you have to watch the performance at the Grand Opera House of Macon Symphony Orchestra. Youth symphonies are usually held where certain groups and concert bands join. There are also lots of festivals to look out for if you visit the city which includes International Cherry Blossom Festival, Mulberry Street Festival, Pan African Festival, Georgia State Fair, Ocmulgee Indian Celebration, Macon Film Festival, and many others. You can reach the city by air through the Middle Georgia Regional Airport or the Smart Downtown Airport. Ground transportation is also available in interstates 16, 75, and 475 or you can take Routes 23, 41, 80, and 129. Visit Macon City today and join the annual events.

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