About Marietta, Georgia

Marietta City is located in the state of Georgia, USA and the administrative authority of Cobb County. The city has about 58,748 local residents making it too large for a suburban community. Marietta is just one-third of the three major cities of Georgia; the others are Atlanta and Sandy Springs. On summer days, temperatures are warm like in the 1970’s while in the cold winter it seems that they went back into time to the 1940’s. If you are on a budget and still want to travel to a place that you could still have lots of things to do without much money involved, then Marietta City is your kind of place. The Civil War battlefields, amusement parks, and museums are open mostly for the whole year and some won’t even charge you that much or maybe no charge at all. If you’re a chicken lover, then take a picture with ‘The Big Chicken’, found in the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road. Chickens are a big thing here in the city as they also help them with their economy. The city includes one particular film that made them truly known to the whole world, the film Gone with the Wind Museum. Movie fans will have a blast, as they get nostalgic of their younger days of watching the Academy Award winning film. Almost everyone in Marietta would suggest to you to go to the museum because it is a show stopping attraction. The whole city encourages everyone to visit their town because they know you’ll have a good time without the trip being too expensive.

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