About Savannah, Georgia

Savannah city’s history dates back to the time when Georgia State was discovered by a general and named after England's King George II. Once the state has been created, Savannah became its very first city. After the state won independence, Savannah started to flourish. Farmers in the city discovered that the soil was rich in nutrients; Savannah strength was that it had favourable weather for the cultivation of cotton and rice. Although the city is a bustling centre of culture and progress, Savannah residents constantly work to preserve its history and unique character. The city has a great night life. There is much to choose from in terms of night life entertainment. The city is thriving with places that have various options such as live jazz, alternative bands, and driving blues. You can be sure you will be rocking on dance floors in Savannah. Alternatively, if you are in to slow music genres then make sure you see duelling pianos; there are Broadway-style musicals as well. For those that enjoy an entertaining night of fun then there are options available for karaoke. Spend an hour or two down by the River visiting the shops and restaurants of River Street and Factor’s Walk. Stop by Savannah’s City Market, a four-block area of restored restaurants, taverns, galleries, and shops. There is also a great pizza place called Vinnies which serves some delightful pizza meals. Most of the shops close at 6 pm so make sure you get to do your shopping most of the time. The Savannah people feel they need to show the world that Texas is more than just about Cowboys, cattle and rodeos.

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