About Smyrna, Georgia

Located in the county of Cobb in the state of Georgia, Smyrna is one of the adjacent borders to Atlanta. The citizens of Smyrna have been very supportive in the city’s program called Parks Bond. This is a way for the city to develop and create new parks and other recreational areas that would improve their city’s recreational aspects. They were able to create and recreate ball fields, play areas and some parks that is themed after the environment. They have this Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and Cumberland Mall. These are some of the well known recreational places in Smyrna and they are proud of it because of its unique features and it gives the people some sort of events that entertains them. If you are a person who loves to go biking, then Silver Comet Trail is the right site for you. You may do bicycling and walking on this trail while enjoying the great view as you are going along the trail. There have been some extensions made on this trail in order for bicycle goers to get a longer trail and to have expanded access to the trail. In the center of the city, you’ll find there the market village that would usually hold events like concerts and festivities. Parks that are all over the city are also available to those who would like to use the pool area for swimming, the tennis courts and the playgrounds that are big enough to accommodate people who just want to enjoy the city and relax. These places and sites are just some of the many recreational sites Smyrna city has to offer.

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