About Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta City became a well-known city in the state of Georgia because it is the home of one of the popular football teams, the Valdosta State Blazer. The team has acquired two national titles and six conference titles. With the success that the Blazer gained in the world of sports, it has paved a way for the world to know Valdosta City. Aside from conquering the football league, the high school football team of Valdosta was known as the most successful team because it has earned 23 titles in the Georgia State championships. Their success marked Valdosta in the world of sports, which is why the city was named as ‘ESPN’s Titletown USA’ in 2008. The progress of Valdosta City in its economy came from the large number of manufacturing plants that produces various products such as tobacco, turpentine, pulpwood, and pine lumber. The city also has its shopping mall wherein it is surrounded by other large companies including Best Buy, Kohl's, Home Depot, Office Max, and Lowe's. Valdosta was incorporated on the 7th of December 1860, making it one of the oldest cities in the state of Georgia. The place is now being headed by the city mayor, John J. Fretti, who started serving Valdosta in 2003. His leadership has brought a lot of opportunity to the city. He is concentrating on the beautification of the city wherein he is planning to connect the parks with pedestrians so people can walk or use their bikes when visiting the city.

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Valdosta Facts

  • Population Total: 54,518
  • Square Miles: 29.9
  • Area Code: 229
  • Elevation: 220
  • Postal Codes: 31601-31606, 31698
  • Timezone: North American Eastern
  • Website: