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Warner Robins was formerly named York and Wellston which in the past was only a stop for trains to be used by local farmers. During the Second World War, the town desires to gain a military base and frankly I don’t get the sense of why they wanted one. But in order to get the base, the town accepted an agreement for its name to be changed to Warner Robins, after Augustine Walter Robins, a Brigadier General. That military base was a repair depot for the Army Air Corps named Robins Air force Base founded in the year 1947 that is currently a logistics center for USAF’s Materiel Command. It got the nickname of “International City” due to the residents of Warner Robins coming from around the globe thanks to the air force base situated there. Warner Robins somewhat can be proud that it is a good place for setting up a family because Warner Robins was named best place in the state to set up a family for 2 consecutive years from 2009 and this past year. To top it off, Warner Robins commercial status is recognized as the city’s Chamber of Commerce was within three top chambers in 2009 on its division. Historical aviation can also be a good treat for you by Warner Robins for the Museum of Aviation that stores various stuff in military aviation from the past is located here. These includes both aircraft and land vehicles. This is the country’s second largest museum for aviation. Have some fun for Warner Robins is the place where tee-ball is founded, as some claimed.

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