About Honolulu, Hawaii

Summer will never be complete without beach hopping. And one place will surely be on top---Honolulu, Hawaii. Pearly shells, sexy bodies, macho men and a whole lot of music, entertainment and fun. All of these can be experienced on the city most commonly known for as the “Place of Shelter”. With it’s very ideal climate for surfers, swimmers and common people , Honolulu, Hawaii, made way to be a tourist attraction in just a couple of years. The vibrant beaches are highlighted by well-maintained transport system that got the “America’s Best Transport System” award. Entertainment at its best is Honolulu’s pride. The Honolulu Symphony became the United States oldest symphony while the amazing Diamond Head Theatre remain a delicate part of Hawaii’s heritage. Honolulu had also invested in visual arts as a form of showcasing the city’s skills and talents by an annual film festival called Hawaii International Film Festival. This brought much attention from people around the globe. Meanwhile, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific most busiest cemetery holding thousands of visitors all year round for the families of those lost lives that served the United States Arm Forces. With art galleries, museums and performing art centers, Honolulu became a venue for world’s influential events. Such events are the American football at Aloha stadium and Stan Sherrif Center for basketball. Now that summer is fast approaching, a trip to the city that shelters the best of the Pacific will always be the best way to bond and relax under the heat of the sun.

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Honolulu Facts

  • Population Total: 390,738 ( ; List of United States cities by population ; )
  • Square Miles: 88.9
  • Area Code: 808
  • Elevation: 0
  • Postal Codes: 96801-96850
  • Timezone: Hawaii-Aleutian time zone