About Meridian, Idaho

If you’re in Highway 55 at southwest Idaho, USA, you would probably see a city full of retail and commercial development named as the city of Meridian. It is the third largest city in the state of America with an area of land of 11.8 sq mi. The city itself is labeled as the “Center of the Treasure Valley” for it is the fastest-growing city and one of the ideal locations of the State. With its booming agriculture and a creamery built in 1897 which is still running to this day is just one of the successful façade of Meridian. Their bustling business centers are the result of the dairy establishments making dairy the ‘milk and honey’ of Meridian. Having dairy as part of their success, they celebrate Meridian Dairy Days every June. This has been a tradition since 1929. By 1940’s was also the center of growing large fruits for production. Then the rest of the other industries like timber and housing had established themselves along with the successful business ventures. The city’s hot summers run often to a 100°F (38°C) and cold winters are just occasionally with light snowfall. The long warm weather in Meridian reflects in the people because even with their high economic status, Meridian residents remained humble and kept its small town friendliness that keeps visitors from different places coming back. Recreation and amenities is one of their best priorities. Meridian keeps their principle, “Built for Business, Designed for Living” at heart for the tourists to be sure of quality not only found in their products but also with their rapport.

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