About Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello is the second largest city of Idaho which is situated in one of the primary interstate junctions of the American northwest, in between I-15 and I-84. It has been an interesting hub for various travelers and it was built as a point for resupplying right along the Oregon trails and then turned out to become an essential stop for the early western railroad lines. It was named for an Indian Chief and now has a large population of the descendants of the once Mormon settlers who came to the place way back in 19th century. The city is also made up of many trappings of a typical college town. It has a lot of students and the faculty of the Idaho State University living there. It also has a sufficient number of restaurants and bars that offer some local flavor that render some tiny bits of fun nightlife. The majority of its visitors can also get to visit golf courses, zoos, museums and a downtown area that is filled with its rich historical traces. You can also catch the American Falls Reservoir which is the largest body of water in Idaho that is just several miles from town where you can enjoy fishing and boating. You can also enjoy other water recreation activities by the Snake River. Also, a quick drive from the town itself, you can get to see the Pebble Creek ski area and experience other outdoor recreational sports in the Caribou National Forest. Pocatello is a city that offers a lot of memorable activities to try out for the fi

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Pocatello Facts

  • Population Total: 54255
  • Square Miles: 28.2
  • Area Code: 208
  • Elevation: 4462
  • Timezone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)
  • Website: