About Berwyn, Illinois

Berwyn is one of the notable cities in Illinois because of its history. Other than this, it has lots of attractions that can stir your interest and are worthy to visit. Visiting Cermak Plaza shopping center can already provide you with two things. It’s a great place to shop for the things you need while showing the location of one of their highly regarded tourist attractions, the Spindle. The Spindle is a sculpture made by Dustin Shuler showcasing a 50-foot pointed pole while piercing eight cars of different model. Primarily, it’s just the history as this sculpture was once erected on the shopping center’s parking lot but was demolished in 2008. In addition to this sculpture, Berwyn has the 16th Street Theatre as its prime location of art and music. It’s their Cultural Center that showcases various musical plays and concerts. If you're into the arts, you can take a look at their show schedules to see what their offerings and watch them during your trip. Having kids around while traveling in Berwyn is not a problem as it offers attractions suitable in meeting their leisure needs. The Kriz Skate Park can give kids an amazing area for skating because of its structures like elevated areas, slopes, and a lot more. This area is perfect for you if your child is into this kind of activity. Finally, Berwyn serves as a home to various restaurants that offer top quality meals and is perfect if you're looking for a great gastronomic experience during your travels. Make sure to visit one of them for a hearty meal during your trip.

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