About Carpentersville, Illinois

In 1837, a small area was settled by two brothers in Kane County, Illinois. They were just camping at the east side of Fox River, waiting for the floods to arrive in order for their water journey through an oxcart to carry on. A few minutes of camping turned into years of settling in the area, which is 36 miles northwest of Chicago. The Carpenter brothers were the ones who gave birth to the community, they named it Carpenter’s Grove. Not too long after that, the city was renamed and planned to what would be called today, Carpentersville. Currently, this village holds a populace of about 31,000 and it’s just a medium sized area covering 19.7 square kilometres of land. The first industry in the village was Illinois Iron and Bolt Company which had a blacksmith shop. One by one, European workers from Poland, Germany, and Sweden appeared in town and worked in this area. Hundreds of years had passed but the village did not grow much unlike its neighboring towns. Fortunately, it woke up again from its slumber when a shopping center was put up in one of its corners. In and out of Carpentersville, magnificent places to visit are teeming. On top of that, the village is conveniently placed in an area where access to other towns and cities is not a pain in the neck. Some of these cities are the Kemper Park Nature Preserve, Lake Marian, Fox River Trolley Museum, and Dundee Township Historical Society Museum.

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Carpentersville Facts

  • Area Code: Area_code_847#United_States
  • Postal Codes: 60110
  • Timezone: North American Central