About Cave In Rock, Illinois

Coordinates: 37°28?12?N 88°9?59?W? / ?37.47°N 88.16639°W? / 37.47; -88.16639Cave-In-Rock is a village in Hardin County, Illinois, United States. Its principal feature and attraction is nearby Cave-In-Rock on the banks of the Ohio River. Cave-in-Rock was originally a stronghold for outlaws including; river pirates and highwaymen, Samuel Mason and James Ford, tavern owner/highwayman, Isaiah L. Potts, serial killers/bandits, the Harpe Brothers, counterfeiters, Philip Alston, Peter Alston, John Duff, Eson Bigsby, and the Sturdivant Gang, and the post-Civil War bandit, Logan Belt. The population was 346 at the 2000 census.

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Cave In Rock Facts

  • Area Code: 618
  • Postal Codes: 62919
  • Timezone: North American Central