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The City of DeKalb is 65 miles away from Chicago in the state of Illinois. It has the same name as its home county and both were named after an American Revolutionary War, Johann De Kalb. This hero’s connection to the city and DeKalb County is still a mystery to be solved until the present time. Also known as the Barb City, DeKalb is the place where barbed wire was birthed. As soon as Joseph Glidden developed his invention, the traditional farming industry in the area diminished and his commercial introduction clicked right away. Before the city started to grow though, it was in long years just a small village flowing with the simple way of living. It was the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company who first awaken the opportunity in DeKalb long before the barbed wire activity did. The city is the home of Northern Illinois University, the second largest university in the state. It is the source of a wide pool of job offers and is currently on the top list of the city’s top employers. Wal-mart Supermarket is also thriving in the city and the Kishwaukee Health System, too. DeKalb is wealthy with sites for entertainment and culture. The Altgeld Art Gallery, which is within the perimeters of the Nortern Illinois University, is displaying art collections and projects. Famous golf courses in the area are the River Heights Golf Course and Buena Vista Golf Course. Elwood House Museum and Park has a Victorian-style house to amaze the visitors

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