About Downers Grove, Illinois

Downers Grove, Illinois offers a lot of things not only to their residents but also for visitors who would like to spend their vacation in a different location. The area basically has three kinds of trip proposals to everyone who pay a visit. Historical trips are, without a doubt, incomplete without visiting a museum found in the area. One of the notable museums in this part of Illinois is the Downers Grove Park District Museum. Its main exhibits are the local artifacts found in the area. These artifacts are items that will show how rich the history of Downers Grove. In addition, establishments like historical houses and estates can also be found. These have been preserved and maintained together with antique furnishings that are still intact. Guests can explore and see how the early Downers Grove looks like. Recreation activities are also presented to the guests. For example, Belmont Prairie is a site people can visit and take delight in nature. It serves as habitat for various flora and fauna species people can visit and take memorable photos of. Apart from leisurely nature trips, hiking trips can also be done in the area as it’s filled with several natural locations. Artistic trips are also possible with all the institutions found in Downers Grove. Among the most popular sites is the Tivoli Theatre. Being able to preserve its history, the Tivoli Theatre serves as the locations where various films that you may have not seen on regular big screens from your location as well as classic films.

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Downers Grove Facts

  • Area Code: s 630 and 331
  • Postal Codes: 60515, 60516, 60517
  • Timezone: Central (North America)
  • Website: