About Evanston, Illinois

The city of Evanston has a total land area of 7.8 sq. mi. and lies near the Lake Michigan. Known as a suburban municipality in Cook County in the state of Illinois, Evanston is part of the North Shore communities close to the Lake Michigan. The history of the place started long before the arrival of the Europeans in 1830’s, and was believed to be unpopulated because it was covered by a swampy forest and wetlands. In the years between 1830 and 1840, non-native Americans established the place as “Gross Point Territory”. It was on 1850 when a small town was established and named as “Ridgeville”. In 1851, two schools were founded by some Methodists business leaders in the town, and one of which is the Northwestern University. The town of Evanston was founded in 1857 due to the request of the originators of Northwestern and was named after one of the leaders in the community, John Evans. It was officially incorporated on the 29th of December, 1863 and became City of Evanston in 1869. The city of Evanston was known for several nicknames. It was called as “Heavenston” due to its Methodist influence. Other names that were linked to Evanston are The City of Churches, The City of Homes, The People’s Republic of Evanston, “E-Town”, and “The E”. The city’s interesting landmarks and destinations are the Frances Willard House, Mount Trashmore, Free School of Evanston, Ladd Arboretum, and Grosse Point Lighthouse. The Evanston Hospital and St. Francis Hospital are the two hospitals of the city.

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