About Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Hoffman Estates Village, Illinois is located in the northwestern part of Chicago’s suburb, Illinois. More specifically, it can be found in the Cook County, with a little section in the Kane County of Illinois. One of the most notable places within the village is Sears Holding Corporation which has built its headquarters there. The headquarters of the AT&T and the America are also placed in the village. Sears Center Arena is also one of the popular sites of the village. It is also one of the recently added entertainment scenes. For those who will visit the village, it is located in the northern part of the I-90 and the western part of the IL Route 9, within the Prairie Stone Business Park. Hoffman States will also provide you shopping opportunities, where you can lavishly spend your time strolling all of its showcased wares without any restraints and until your feet ache. One of its shopping centers is the Hoffman Plaza. This plaza is also the oldest shopping center among others and can be found in Roselle Road. It is in between the Higgins Road or the Route 72 and the Golf Road or the Route 58. Moreover, since Hoffman States is on its way to becoming an Entertainment District, aside from its already existing attractions, is the planned project of its water park. New hotels are also included in the entertainment project of the village. All of these proposed entertainment sites have already been approved by its Village Board.

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