About Moline, Illinois

Moline city is a member of the Quad Cities (group of five cities including Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, and East Moline), the city of Moline is situated in Rock Island County, in the state of Illinois. Moline is the civic, recreational, and retail hub of the Quad Cities. It was believed by the Moline Historians that the first inhabitants in the area of Moline are the Sauk (Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands) and Meskwaki Indians (Native Americans of the Fox Tribe), the founders of the village of Saukenuk in 1720 next to the Rock River. The name of the city was derived from a French word “Moulin” meaning “City of Mills” after Charles Atkinson, a major landowner of the area, chosen the name as the official name of the place. It was on April 21, 1948 when the town of Moline was incorporated under the Illinois state law. After the World War II, the city’s population continuous to grow after successive waves of immigrants migrated to the place, which most of them came from Eastern Europe, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, and Mexico. There are two amazing landmarks in the city that show the rich history of the place; the John Deere Pavillion and the Leckaire Hotel, the tallest structure in the city. On the other hand, the River Park, Ben Butterworth Parkway, Prospect Park, Moline Activity Center, and the Green Valley Sports Complex are some of the recreation resources in Moline. These sites are being maintained and supervised by the Moline Park and Recreation Department.

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