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The Mount Prospect Village is located in the Cook County, Illinois, United Sates. It is located near Chicago with a distance of 20 miles and about northwest of the city. The village offers such prominence variety of tourist attractions and destinations. There are three distinctive parks in the area which serve as a fascinating place for relaxation. These are the Arlington Park, Kiddieland Amusement park, Friendship Park Conservatory and the Catigny Park. These parks are available to anyone who wants to visit. Among the long list are the Countryside Park, Emerson Park, Owen Park, the Evergreen Trails Park, Fairview Park, Gregory Park, East Wedgewood Park, and last but not the least the Lions Park. It is not all that, Mount Prospect village also have the Dietrich Friedrichs House and Museums for instructive attraction and the Mount Prospect Library for those who love to cherish the affluent and transitory succession along the rich culture and colorful history of the village. Once you’ve come to the see the village tries to include taking a visit to many churches located in it. Some of which are the church of Saint John, church of Saint John’s Episcopal, and the Gloria Dei Presbyterian church plus the Lutheran churches of Saint Paul, Martha and Mary that will surely compliment a worthy glimpse. If you are a fan of shopping, it is only necessary to visit Mount Prospect’s center for shopping areas such as the Randhurst, Crystal Court, Golf Shopping Plaza, Colony Square and the United Plaza.

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  • Area Code: Area_code_847#United_States
  • Postal Codes: 60056, 60057, 60058
  • Timezone: North American Central
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