About Naperville, Illinois

Naperville was founded by Joseph Naper in 1831 when he and his family moved across the Great Lakes, and resided on the DuPage River banks. Twice in a row, Naperville was named by CNN/Money as one of the best cities to live in the country. The residents in Naperville enjoy various recreational and cultural facilities, lots of shopping, and terrific restaurants. Visitors of Naperville should stop by the busy downtown and do some great shopping. Some of the popular places to eat in Naperville are the Lou Malnati's, The Lantern Tavern and Grill, El Famous, and El Centro. The Lou Malnati's serves pizza that has the best crust in the state of Illinois. The Lantern is a small bar that serves chili and cheeseburger since the 1960's. El Famous and El Centro serve big burritos. In Naperville Downtown, there are upscale chains stores, restaurants, and shops of specialized products situated in old-fashioned buildings. The Millennium Carillon that houses 72 bronze bells is one of the landmarks of Naperville. It is the 9th biggest carillon in the world. The Century Walk is also a fantastic attraction which art enthusiasts will surely enjoy. There is a huge collection of murals, mosaics, sculptures, and more to be enjoyed while walking at the Naperville streets. The DuPage Children's Museum is a great place to visit to keep kids occupied. It is made up of various exhibits for kids to explore science, math, and art. Other great places to visit while in Naperville are the Naperville Cultural Center, Comedy Shrine, and Centennial Beach.

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