About Normal, Illinois

Considered as one of the best cities in the state of Illinois, Normal Town was once known as the North Bloomington, but in 1865 February the name was changed to Normal. However, it took two years before it was incorporated, which happened in 1867. Over the years, Normal has developed into a more progressive place because it is well-governed by a worthy leader. The place is currently being headed by Mayor Chris Koos, who started to serve the town in April 2001. His leadership has made Normal known throughout the state because of the businesses established on it and this includes the Mitsubishi Group, the only car manufacturer in North America. Aside from this, most of the tourists never fail to visit one of the oldest restaurants in Illinois, the Steak n’Shake, which started to operate in 1934. Normal City also has a lot of recreational activities to offer their visitors. The kids will definitely enjoy the Children's Discovery Museum and Illinois State University Planetarium that even the adults will be entertained by. For those who want to stay fit, they can go walking, rollerblading, jogging, and cycling on the Blooming-Normal Constitutional Trail. Even those who are using wheelchairs can go to the place because it is built to accommodate their needs. Promoting a healthy body is what the town offers which is why there are a lot of sports arenas in the town, particularly golf courses, baseball field, and basketball arena. These are just some of the amazing things that you can see in Normal Town.

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