About Oak Lawn, Illinois

Oak Lawn has a total land area of 8.6mi2 and is located in the state of Illinois. In spite of this the population of the place has increased yearly and it has now reached 55,245, based on the 2000 census. Since it is just a village, the government system of Oak Lawn is being handled by six trustees that represent the six districts of the place, and a leader known as the village president. With their combined effort, Oak Lawn has developed into a more accommodating place. With the redevelopment of the downtown, more establishments were constructed. High-end condominiums were built that encourage more tourists to visit the place. They also developed multistory parking space, shopping malls, train station, and other business establishments. The children museum was soon added to the village and it has now benefited a lot of kids especially in learning more information. Oak Lawn Village also developed a park where families and friends can hangout while enjoying the view. It has a total space of 300 acres where you can find walking paths and playgrounds. The government aims to provide their residents with the best facilities, particularly in sports, which is why there is available a basketball court, baseball field, tennis court, golf course and volleyball court in the village. You can also go swimming in the outdoor pools or enjoy ice skating on the indoor ice arena. The village progress on its economy will definitely give more opportunity to a lot of people and it will encourage more tourists as well as businessmen to invest in Oak Lawn Village.

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