About Orland Park, Illinois

Orland Park village is located in the Cook County of Illinois and extends a bit slightly to Will Country. It has about 51,000 in population and increased by 5,000 in 2005. The section of Will County is concentrated more on the industrial section while the Cook County part is residential. It was in 2006 when it was also named as the 45th Best Place to Live in America due to its modern and helpful facilities perfect for every kind of activity. Orland Park also has a wide range of housing from single family homes, to townhomes, apartments and even condominiums. It also renders access to some interstate highways with the I-80 east-west coast connector serving as its southern border. The major facilities of Orland Park are made up of those fit for hiking, biking, wildlife lovers, aquatic and sports center, an ice arena, golf courses and a lot more. This is also the place where you can find a total of three lakes namely: Tampier Lake, McGinnis Slough, and Lake Sedgewick. Almost every other kind of industry from finance to retail and healthcare are continuously growing in Orland Park. In fact, there is no stopping them in planning for their future, especially with the development of a brand new downtown district like the Main Street Triangle. It is an ideal location because of its position in the center of a multi-modal transportation network and is what makes the place something to envy by other surrounding communities. Orland Park Prairie is the most popular local newspaper of the village.

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