About Quincy, Illinois

Better known as the “Gem City”, the city of Quincy is the county seat of Adams County in the state of Illinois. Quincy is served as the economic center as well as the cultural hub in the West-Central region of the state. John Wood is the European-American founder of Quincy when he first settled in the place which was initially known as “Bluffs”. It was in 1825 when the name of the community was changed to Quincy and became the Adams County seat, in honor to John Quincy Adams who was newly-elected President of the United States on that time. It is said that the original name of the town square was John Square, just to complete the name of the elected president, but it was eventually renamed to Washington Square on April 30, 1825. The population of Quincy had increased tremendously when immigrants from Germany flocked to the city, this contributed on the changes on the cultural heritage in the region. The South Side German Historic District located on the south of the downtown area includes the German architecture style on every structure. The place is now added in the United States National Register of Historic Places. Another historical landmark is the B’nai Sholom Temple which features a Moorish Revival style and one of the earliest synagogues in the country showing the said architectural style. And also, the Villa Katherine Castle, a small Moorish castle situated near the Mississippi River shows a Mediterranean style of architecture and can only be found in the city.

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