About Rock Island, Illinois

Rock Island is a city in the state of Illinois and it has the same name as its home county. If the Quad Cities will be broken down, it will be divided into the cities of Rock Island, Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, and East Moline. All of these cities make up the longest 300-mile market throughout the nation in the western side of Chicago, Illinois. They are also noteworthy for having the rarest structures of neighborhoods which, at the same time, overflows with richness in history. Since it’s positioned near a river, a business involving boats and shipping fixed the area to economic stability. Rock Island, named after the largest island in the Mississippi River which is now called Arsenal Island, is the county seat of the county where it belongs. Located in this region is the Rock Island Arsenal, a major manufacturing site for the US Army’s weapons and also a job provider for the residents. The Natives were the ones enjoying the bountiful blessings in the area until an American base was established in it. They were forced to move out because the base was like a magnet; it was attracting more and more people to reside around it. The parks and magnificent structures dotting the area complement the overall beauty of Rock island. The Black Hawk Historic Site is very famous in the city for it was the birthplace of Black Hawk, a warrior, plus the site also contains the real village for the visitors to see a short glimpse of the native’s lives.

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