About Wheeling, Illinois

Found in the core area of Chicago’s prominent northern border, Wheeling Village is lively and diverse society of 40,000 people, notable by its remarkable stability of industry, profitable development, and improved establishments. This village was locally and nationally popular as the main habitat of the Milwaukee Avenue “Restaurant Row”. Also, it covers the Chicago Executive Airport which is known as the third business airport in the state. Wheeling is proud to have a wide option of housing facilities that provides the main needs of prospective people, including the high class condominiums, inexpensive rental properties that come in various sizes, and family size homes. This village also offers easy accessible transportation because it has proper rail road systems that promotes safe and better hauling. People in Wheeling enjoy the expedient access to market stores, shopping centers, health establishments, churches, and the prominent education institutions. As you visit the village, you will never miss to go in Wheeling Park District. It has eight parks that diverse in the entire village with huge convenient facilities such as sports like baseball, soccer fields, a gymnasium, tennis court, and many more. In collaboration with the Northwest Recreation Association, the area provides year end luxury opportunities for all visitors. It has several recreational amenities that give long lasting enjoyment for those who want to feel the fresh ambiance of the village. Such parks that you will never forget are the Childerly Park, Donoyer Park, Horizon Park and Malibu Park. You will also discover the historical event of the Wheeling village as you go to the Chamber Park.

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